Saturday, October 22, 2011

Online radio

It's just brilliant! I just stumbled upon a site called Pandora and so far I love it! It's a product of the Music Genome Project. I don't really get the science, but it's neat.
For anyone that knows me, they know i'm pretty much over american music. There are a few songs by a few artists that are fine, but for the most part I find it vulgar and brash and it just makes my ears want to bleed. You also know that i've pretty much turned to asia to get my musical kicks. What you most likely don't know is that I absolutely adore old music. As in black and white or technicolour musicals.

Yep. I love Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Kay Kyser, Danny Kaye, Fred Astair...and so on.
I don't really know why i'm so in love with that era, but there you have it.
There's just something so magical and charming about the movies back then.
Maybe it's the pure simple and yet sometimes complex nature of those songs. Or maybe it's just the fact that they just don't make them like that anymore. Nobody even sings that way anymore. No. Today we have......rap and hip hop and country crossovers. Pardon me while I barf in the corner.

Now, the thing is...i'm only 38. From my point of view, the people I see really being into this kind of music are, well, baby boomers and older. From anyone else's perspective, say the 16-29 somethings, they might think this is par for the course and that i'm now officially an old lady. Hell, the music I grew up on, in the 80's is practically considered oldies. But I don't care. When I hear those old tunes from movies where they break into song out of nowhere, it's like i'm back home after a long, tiring journey.

Anyway, this online radio station is FREE and incredibly awesome, because it has the one thing that I can't get on the regular radio.
A Kay Kyser station! When Harry Babbitt croons out a tune, i'm just in heaven.
Of course the station plays other artists from the same time and likeness, so it's a really well rounded station.

I'm just really happy I found it.

Upon further investigation, I also found a Super Junior station! I'm like a newly diabetes free girl in a godiva store.

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