Saturday, September 8, 2012

Eat Your Kimchi.....seriously.

Okay so, I recently discovered the fandom of
It's this canadian couple, living in Korea, that do videos on everything from korean culture in everyday life, to Kpop.They also have three Youtube channels:

and a facebook:

They have a HUGE following, called The Nasties, and im happy to say that im now one of them.
Now, of course, like I've said before, im older than pretty much everyone in the Kpop following, so while im all about these guys, my fandom is more laid back and not so much "OMGIMINLOVEWITHEVERYTHINGKPOP" in your face. Unless im spazzing out a tiny bit because a new song has been released and I manage to sucker someone I know into listening to it and then find out they actually kinda like it.
Anyway, EYK rocks. Anyone that stumbles onto this blog should definately check them out.
I mention them because, well...hello, awesomesauce and two, it leads me to
Now, I suppose if I were like, 16, this would seem like an awesome event and some of the things they have planned do look pretty cool, but I cant help feeling underwhelmed and a little disappointed. For one, it WOULD be cool to go, BUT... the groups they have announced I either havent heard of, or I really dont like them. The other thing is, the event is next month and they still havent revealed all of the guests and panels which, to me, seems like poor planning. I guess im used to star trek and Buffy cons that have pretty much all the details hammered out and announced several months in advance. Also, anyone who REALLY knows me, knows that I cannot stand things that have a lack of information. I need dates, times, places and itineraries, not overall generalities. It just drives me absolutely batshit when I go somewhere and there is just NO information.
So again, I mention EYK because...they are going to be there and it would be pretty cool to meet them. If not for them posting about the Kcon, I would have never known about the event at all.
I do kinda hope they do another Kcon, maybe next year? And hopefully with better guests and even more so, a better set-up of their site because the way it is now, it makes me feel like were I to attend, i'd be walking around clueless as to where to go and when, frantically searching for events and praying I didnt miss anything because no information was posted anywhere.

Anyway, Kcon aside, you should really check out Eat Your Kimchi.
Simon and Martina are awesome!

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