Sunday, July 29, 2012

Not much new

Like the title says, not much is new. I just got back from a much needed weeks vacation. Didn't go anywhere fancy though. Just went up to stay with a friend and hang out there, though there was a visit to a new casino in Ohio.
While I was up visiting my friend, I got  a new cellphone. My very first smartphone!
Its the samsung focus 2, windows phone, and so far its pretty cool.
What I really cant wait to try out is creating a playlist for the gym.
Of course I listen to my kpop at the gym on my mp3 player, but the thing isnt an ipod and you have to keep pressing the next button to skip songs. So the fact that I can create a specific playlist now is really is the sound quality on this phone.
So excited! find some Big Bang on the zune app....

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