Sunday, August 5, 2012

Le Sigh

Okay, i'm newly 39 years old. I get that i'm an old lady now...well, according to a lot of people, too old to be listening to the music I like. I guess people see it as creepy when someone my age is a fan of "boy bands" especially when the majority of the fanbase ranges in age between 12-18. Add to the fact that i'm white and speak only english.
I don't know all the words to my favourite songs. I dont come from a place of biases and fan chants. I am an adult and my fandom comes from an entirely different place. I see things differently. There is a fangirl inside me though. When my favourite song/group is playing, the teenaged fangirl inside me always threatens to come out.
But I have to push her aside, because gross...who wants to see an old lady spazzing out over a bunch of twenty-somethings singing and dancing on stage, working it like it's never been worked before.
I also find myself getting annoyed or defensive with people that don't understand this genre of music. There are people that hold the asian artists to american standards, and that just really bugs me, because it's a completely different culture. And im so sick of the "they're so gay" and "they look like girls" comments.
There's one guy I see at work that really chaps my ass sometimes. I tried explaining certain super groups to him like Girls Generation and Super Junior, and the way they were formed. He kept insisting it wouldnt work and that someone would cause a rift and want to break up the group and go solo. Lets just in the face met the brick wall. My inner teenager keeps pushing me to the brink with the love of Kpop and the irritation that builds at people that just dont understand.
Sometimes I question myself. Should I give up on the awesomesauce that is asian music? But then a song comes on and then im hooked all over again.
What's a girl to do? Pardon...whats a Woman to do?

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