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A little something I like to call....Taiwan Madness

*side note: this will be a running entry that I will update every time I finish a new drama, not only to keep anyone who cares updated, but for me to keep track of them all.This was all originally posted on my Myspace blog, but, since Myspace is pretty much dead...I moved the list here.

In no particular order, these are the Taiwanese shows( Idol Dramas) that I have seen so far...Not that any of you really give a damn, but I think it might put into perspective how much im into these shows, when you see the list of them. However, im hoping that some of you (yeah right, this is a totally obvious ploy to get my BFF Mollie to watch them~update. Mollie is hooked!) invest some time in watching the shows.
And hey, some of you already watch anime, so I dont see what the big deal is...I mean, just pretend they're anime...stop judging me! I can see you all looking at me a certain way! lol anyway, here's the list:
(Hana Kimi through Queens are unknown dates of viewing.Though I started watching them early 2007. also, they're in no certain order.)
1. Hana Kimi~ My first Idol Drama. ahh, such fond memories. It will always have a special place in my heart!

2. It Started With a Kiss~so good, though the female lead character made me want to smack her alot. lol

3. The Rose~Tragic tragic tragic and epic, and so wonderful!

4. Mars
5. Meteor Garden
6. Meteor Garden II
7. Silence~This one was one of those "Oh my god, how could the writers do that to me?". Tragic tale. Very Epic.

8. Devil Beside You
9. Love contract~Same as Silence. HOW COULD THEY DO THAT TO ME!!??? lol

10. Peach girl
11. Marmalade boy
12. Tokyo Juliet
13. Prince Turns Into a Frog
14. Smiling Pasta
15. Starry Starry Night
16. Summer X Summer
17. Green Forest, My Home
18. Lavender
19. My Lucky Star
20. Why Why Love
21. Ying Ye 3+1
22. Queens
23. They Kissed Again ~(It started with a kiss 2) I think they could have ended it better.

24. Romantic Princess ~finished on 5/13/08. The ending was alright I suppose. It didnt suck, but it wasnt awesome either.

25. K.O.One......~FINALLY! finished 5/19/08 It had a decent ending I suppose. A little disappointing after waiting SO LONG for it, has a second season so I have that to look forward to! Lets just hope they dont take forever to upload THAT one too!

26. Brown Sugar Macchiato ~finished 5/22/08. I HIGHLY recommend this one. I loved it! so full of SO many funny things that really made me LOL. It also had enough emotional parts in it too, but not overly done.

27. Bull Fighting~Finished 5/27/08. Fairly decent. Always wonderful to see Mike He in action, though I think there werent enough kissing scenes lol. Mike He is one of the few TW drama actors that actually knows how to kiss,instead of just bumping lips like they usually do! lol

28. Bump Off Lover ~Finished 1/3/09. It was really good. Quite compelling actually, but it was another one of those heart wrenching-how-can-they-do-this-to-me? kinds of dramas.

29. Rolling Love(Go Fried Rice!) ~Finished 1/5/09. AWESOME! Because Jiro FINALLY had the leading role, and got the girl! Danson was great in this too, but im biased towards Jiro, lol. A tad on the predictable side, but I didnt mind so much, because like I said, Jiro won in the end and thats ALL that matters.

30. Miss No Good ~Finished 2/7/09. Decent. loved the actors. It was a little predictable, but good overall, except the ending was ...kinda lame/cheesy. Still worth watching though.

31. The Magicians of Love~Finished 2/17/09. LOVED IT! Ming Dao was really cute in this one. However, this was one of those tricky ones, where I think it was to have taken place over a 2 year time period or something. At any rate, quite excellent!

32. La robe de Mariee des cieux(Heaven's Wedding Gown)~Finished 2/27/09. Didnt quite love it, but didnt hate it either. I think the girl went for the wrong guy but then again im more of a Ming Dao fan than a Leon Jay Williams fan.

33. The X-Family~ FINALLY finished on 9/7/09. It was so good! So many tears! Glad that I could finally watch it, so sad that its over! I waited a year to watch it, but it was really worth the wait. It was just so amazing. There were so many hilarious parts and so many heart wrenching, tear inducing parts. There really weren't any dull moments for me!

34. ToGetHer~Finished 9/15/09. I loved it! It was so good to see Jiro play a real main role in this kind of drama. And oh my god, the hotness of him...seriously! Hotness aside, it was a good drama all in all.

35. Pi Li M.I.T. aka The Clue Collector~Finished 9/27/09. Pretty decent. It kinda brought out the mystery solving lover in me toward the end there. Also, any drama with Arron Yan in it is good in my book. However, some of the plotpoints were a little skewed but not enough to make me hate it. A little on the predictable side but I dont mind so much.

36. The legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries~Finished
11/06/09. Pretty much the same cast as Brown Sugar Macchiato. It was good I guess. WAY too predictable on the "romance" front though.Seriously, I pretty much had it figured who was gonna end up with who by the 3rd episode. *sighs* have I watched too many of these things? Probably. Am I going to stop? Probably not.

37. Momo Love~finished 7/7/10.
It was really good, then again, I pretty much love anything with Jiro Wang in it. It had it's typical ups and downs and annoying plot points but I didnt really mind so much about that. The ending was a little silly but it was a happy one. I hate tragic endings.

38. Hi, My Sweetheart~Finished 7/18/10.
Another amazing Rainie Yang show. Full of pulled heart strings. I really loved it.

39. Hot Shot~Finished 7/25/10.
Normally I wouldnt watch something like this because it revolves around sports, but I really enjoyed it. I sat there thinking, is this dance, basketball or kungfu? It made me giggle alot and of course had sad moments. One thing I have to say though...What the CRAP kinda ending was THAT?

40. Down With Love~Finished 8/5/10.
Oh my god, I dont think I could have loved Jerry Yan anymore than in this drama! It was so,so,so,so good! And of course, Ella was awesome in it too. I highly recommend this one to everyone! But I will warn you...there is one REALLY annoying character in it. I hated her! Overall, excellent series. Had a very cute ending, even if predictable.

41. Corner With Love~Finished 3/26/11.
It was pretty good, though still a bit predictable, I still recommend it though.

42. Gloomy Salad Days~Finished 4/13/11.
This one was a bit difficult to get through. All the acting was fine but the storylines were a bit choppy and it was hard to tell the timeline of this show. However, it's always nice to see Arron Yan in a leading role, and he did have some yummy parts in this drama, though not til the end of the series.
So, over all, it was just alright. Didn't love it, didn't hate it.

43. So I'm Not Handsome~Finished 4/19/11.
This was a decent, feel-good sort of Idol Drama. I enjoyed it. The perfect thing to watch if you're just looking for a lighthearted comedy, with just a smidge of romantic drama.

44. Love Buffet~Finished 5/3/11.
Ugh, where do I even begin? I didn't not like it. In fact, I loved it...until episode 9 through the ending.
Of course I like Calvin but...She chose the wrong guy! How does Arron lose to Calvin? Seriously?? Blah! Dumb, Dumb ending!

45. Fated To Love You~Finished 1/24/12.

46. Extravagant Challenge aka Skip Beat~Finished 4/17/12. At first I was all excited because it stars 2 guys from Super Junior. Then I was weirded out by the fact that they had to be dubbed because they can only speak korean. I got over that mostly. Some of the story was a bit rediculous and in the end I was a little disappointed because it ended in a bit of a plot stalemate. I just hope there is a second season to rectify the situation.

47. Absolute Boyfriend(taiwan version)~Finished 8/13/12. Okay, lets just start with Jiro Wang. Amazing as always. Looked great, performed well. Fan-gasm all over the place. On to the drama itself. I read the manga after hearing they were making a TW version of the drama and I liked it. The drama was quite good, even though they changed some plotpoints. like at the end, the leads were supposed to have sex, in the drama, they never did. Lame. Yes okay I just wanted to see Jiro half naked..or, okay, mostly naked. sue me.
They did stick to the major plot points and thats good, even though the ending was WAY different from the manga. On a 1-5 scale, I give it a 4, but only because they didnt show Jiro getting it on. *snickers* 

48. K.O.3an guo~Finished 3/1/14. First thing to note; I had no idea it was actually three seasons long because of the way it was presented on the site I watched it on. Anyway, it was actually quite good, even though there were a few things that left me unsatisfied. Cai Yi Zhen is really amazing in this one in her ability to show so much emotion. Every time she cried, it felt real. Which of course, made me start crying. I think there was a decent balance of comedy and drama in this one. I really liked it.

49. K.O. One 2 Return~Finished 3/8/14. Don't really know how I feel about this one. It was good but, the lead character in this just wasn't in it after halfway through it and the ending was too...3 minute wrap-up. It kinda fell flat for me.

50. K.O.One 3 React~Finished 10/2/14. I really liked this one! I love me some Jiro Wang Dramas, and, he was in it the whole time.

That's a lot of shows. I may have missed a couple in the list, but then again, i've seen quite a few Japanese dramas too so that may be why it feels like i've seen so many shows all together.
I know I haven't made a review of everything on my list, but give me a break! how many times do you REALLY wanna see "Loved it!" next to that list, eh?
Also, it's been so long since I saw them, so give a girl a break will ya?
Needless to say, none of them sucked, most of them rocked and several were sad endings where someone dies and the other person is left without the person they loved most in the world. I tell you, these writers are cruel, cruel people lol. A couple of them are even kinda on the dark side, leaving you sitting there going...*blink blink* "what...the...FUCK??". But, a sick,evil part of me likes that kind of thing. But only sometimes. Anyway, from here on out, I will do a little review of every program I watch. How wonderful for you eh? I know you're all just sitting there with baited breath, all tense with anticipation for another update of TW Madness! *Insert Evil Laughter here*

Hmm...what I.D. should I watch next?

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