Sunday, August 12, 2012


Okay, it seems my inner fangirl is having a major overload!
I'm really no good at proper reviews of things. I tend to be really simple and lack the skills to breaks things down into such great details.
This song/video was just, amazing. I loved whatever they did with their voices. Do they really have those awesome ranges, or was there technical help involved? Either way, I just really loved it. Video-wise, I thought the visuals, though simple, were brilliant and colourful. Nice touch with the Bondness going on. I think the only thing I didnt love...and this is a funny review bit...was Leeteuks hair.
And, okay, old lady squick here, but..squeals..Sungmin!
If only I wasnt so damned ancient. *sigh*
he's the same age as my oldest neice. I was 12 when she was born. I changed her diapers and *helped raise her until she was 7. Man, it just makes me feel so..old.
But anyway...LOVE LOVE LOVE the new single...even though I still think it's weird to have a repackage so soon after the original album release..unless this is normal.

 *helped raise because I lived with my sister for a long time and when I didnt, I baby sat every day.

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